Sicilian Coffa Bag - Blue Tassels XI

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The traditional tote-style purse dates back centuries. Festive “Coffa” bags are hand braided using Sicilian Dwarf Palm fronds and each is adorned with golden medallions or mirrors and vibrant decorations including poms, tassels, and wood trinkets reminiscent of Sicilian “Carretti” (carts). Finished with hand painted fabrics these are elegant collectibles to be treasured for generations.

Primary Colors: Blue fabric tassels, royal blue, light blue, gold lion medallions and mirror, natural palm fronds. Lining: natural cream fabric.

Petite Medium: This tote is a pretty day or evening size (approx. 10 h x 14.5 inches)

Designed and crafted by: Artist Heike Miuccio, La Siciliana for Italian Food Company

  • Imported from Italy
  • Hand crafted in the tradition of Sicilian palm weaving
  • Each Coffa Bag is unique
  • Shipped direct to you

Specialty designs, additional colors, and other purses, bags, and totes are available.  Contact our Italian Food Company curator with any inquiries.