Espresso-Caffe Set - Royal Braid

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Italian Espresso, or "Caffe" is the lifeblood of Sicilians. Morning, afternoon, evening...any time is right for the rich hot nectar. Royal Braid is the pattern of this elegant espresso set which features Marine blue, wine red and a golden yellow plait. Can you imagine holding these hand-painted ceramic espresso cups and saucers as the aroma of rich coffee (caffe) awakens your senses?

Set of 6 cups and saucers

Cup Size: 2.5 in tall

Our Italian ceramics are designed and crafted by: The artisans of Gabri Ceramica for Italian Food Company.

  • Imported from Italy
  • Certified authentic from Del Popolo Lampuri in Taormina, Sicily
  • Shipped direct to you
  • Custom designs, additional sizes, and other not featured here are available.  Contact our Italian Food Company curator with any inquiries.