Espresso-Caffe Set - Fleur-de-lis

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Italian Espresso, or "Caffe" is the lifeblood of Sicilians. Morning, afternoon, evening...any time is right for the rich hot nectar. The beloved Fleur-de-lis pattern of this lovely espresso set features golden and chocolate color palette. Can you imagine holding these hand-painted ceramic espresso cups and saucers as the aroma of rich coffee (caffe) awakens your senses?

Set of 6 cups and saucers

Cup Size: 2.5 in. tall

Our Italian ceramics are designed and crafted by: The artisans of Gabri Ceramica for Italian Food Company.

    • Imported from Italy
    • Certified authentic from Del Popolo Lampuri in Taormina, Sicily
    • Shipped direct to you

        Custom designs, additional sizes, and other not featured here are available.  Contact our 
Italian Food Company curator
       with any inquiries.