Basso Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Basso Oil, trusted since 1904. Basso uses only the best olives, the best olive groves, from the best Italian regions.

Full flavor naturally infused with Italian grown spices. Gift set includes Garlic, Basil, Rosemary, and Chili Pepper.

Package: 4 pack. Each bottle is 250ml / 8.5 oz

  • Imported from Italy

    - Garlic contributes to the flavor of this seasoning both in liquid essence and in tiny dehydrated pieces. The oil acquires that particular intense and decisive taste, sometimes spicy, also characterized by a pleasantly pungent perfume.

    - Basil enriches this oil making it a direct reference to the scents of summer and our land. The freshness of basil is among the characteristics that best represent the goodness of Italian cuisine. The beneficial properties of this green leaf also make this product highly recommended for balanced diets.

    - Rosemary is a typical shrub of the Mediterranean, an ingredient present in many dishes of our food and wine tradition. This condiment is the combination of Extra Virgin Olive Oil with one of the most characteristic plants of our territory. 
    The seasoning that gives life to this union is characterized by a pungent, camphoric scent, extremely pleasant to smell.

    - Chili pepper, carefully dosed, enriches with its strength the classic taste and aroma of extra virgin olive oil, and gives to it a fiery red color. This particular and winning combination between Extra Virgin Olive Oil and spicy chili is perfectly good with some of the typical dishes of our country’s tradition.