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Our Story

When we think of “Old World” Italy, we think of vacations spent in historic places like Rome, Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Sicily, and Taormina. Italy is magical, romantic, soulful, beautiful, and we haven’t yet even begun to describe the food or its people.

Our family comes from the places we dream of visiting. Every summer we sojourn in Italy and for a few weeks our senses delight in the colors, sights, sounds, and foods of this Mediterranean wonder. Just thinking about the drama of the Cerulean blue of the sea, the windswept rocks rising up to cliffs peppered with hardwood trees and vibrant flowers, and the rich earth that feeds lush vegetable gardens and sweet vineyards takes us back. Can you see the colors?

Ambling into local eateries we are drawn by the aromas of classic Italian ingredients―hearty garden tomatoes, handmade pasta, fresh local herbs, lush balsamic, and local olive oils simmering into fresh sauce. Can you smell the goodness?

Everyone like Famiglia

Settled in at Neapolitan pizzerias, diners can soak up the energy of the pizzaiolo (pizza maker) as he twirls yeasty dough regaling eager diners with tales and jokes and songs.

Friends here, everyone like famiglia, all warm, funny, spontaneous, loud. Can you hear the laughter?

After dining we choose decadent chocolates to nibble while sipping prosecco and sharing stories of a day that is fast becoming a cherished memory. Can you taste the sweetness? We have so many beloved memories of a place where time moves a little slower. Artisan traditions that date back centuries are the mark of this enchanting old-world region. Italians with their joy for living and appreciation for craftsmanship seem to better understand that the “good china,” as we say in America, and other beautiful collectibles are not meant to be saved just for special occasions. They are meant to be savored every day. They know that every day is special. Can you feel the joy?

At Italian Food Company we are committed to bringing the taste of Italy to you. We have curated a collection of premier Italian imports from make-at-home Italian food bundles and traditional sweets, to authentic hand-painted Italian ceramics including pottery, and tableware. Our beautiful Sicilian lava tables are imported from the Mt. Etna region, each hand-painted and glazed atop the hardened lava. Each is a precious keepsake that will weather any weather and last for generations.

With local delivery in the Florida Keys and south Florida and nationwide shipping, you can bring Italy to your home, whether for a meal or beautiful imported treasure to pass down for generations. Let us feed your soul. From Italy with love…

Ci vediamo presto, Amici!
- Tony Wright and Isis Wright, founders


Storied Roots of Neapolitan Pizza, Born in 1889

The Queen of Italy

Naples is oft-called the “Queen of Italy,” for several delicious reasons. Beloved for its natural beauty, historical treasures, and Michelin Star-rated dining, this enchanting ancient southwestern coastal city may just be known best for its classic pizza; The Neapolitan Pizza.

In fact, the tradition of Neapolitan Pizza (Pizza Napoletana) is so renowned, in no small part due the craft method of preparation by Italian pizzaioli (regional pizza makers), that the Naples pizza-making style has been distinguished with coveted UNESCO Heritage status, bestowed in 2017.

The act of twirling the dough before decorating with fresh classic toppings and baking in a classic wood-fired brick oven, has been elevated to an art form. This uniquely Neapolitan pizza-making method, dating back to the 1800s, includes flash baking pizzas at super high temperatures of 800-900F for as little as 60-90 seconds.


The Twirling Tossing Pizzaioli

For the pizzaioli, and their traditional art of pizza making in the region has been passed down from father to son (and sometimes daughter) for generations. At pizzerias in unassuming neighborhoods throughout the Campania region the twirling is theatrical and includes playful rituals of stories, songs, and exaggerated pantomime among both the jovial dough-twirling pizzaioli and the devoted patrons. With the Pizza Napoletana simplicity reigns. Think fresh, uncomplicated, rustic. Classic Neapolitan pizza dough and sauce from ripe bright tomatoes, fresh Italian mozzarella, and seasonal EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) ) are the staples. No pineapple, grazie! In Naples, the culinary cognoscenti is all about authenticity and so are we. Brick oven pizza tradition The Neapolitan pizza’s classic style is marked by its signature feature of fresh seasoned tomato sauce―measured by a heavy hand―and a flash cooking in a wickedly hot oven. This is not the pie you grab a slice of to wander down the street noshing. No, this is the pizza you indulge in, on the good plates with good wine, and great friends. Can you hear the laughter? Hungry for more about the traditional Pizza Napoletana history? Read on. But first, wipe the drool from the corner of your mouth. Explore the Italian Food Company (IFC) menu for local Key Largo dining. Order now! Classic Italian Pizza food bundles for home cooking that will transport you to Italy.

La Famiglia VIDEO

Meet the faces – the Restaurateur, the Maestro, the Director

Our in-house pizzeria team is led by Italian Food Company’s principals; the architect, proprietor Tony Wright and the Maestro and our “imported from Italy” Master Pizzaiolo, Leopoldo “Maestro Leo," and Claudio, along with family members, who will serve as welcoming hosts.
COMING SOON: video introduction to Italian Food Company (IFC), the Florida Keys most authentic Italian pizzeria and eatery.


Our family, la nostra famiglia, some by birth, some by choice. Italian Food Company offers authentic Italian fare, fine traditional artisan pottery and ceramics, showstopping volcano ash tables, and food bundles so you can easily cook the Italian way at home. From Italy with love.


Shown from L-R: Our founders Tony Wright and Isis Wright; famiglia including Isis, Tony, and his sister Bobbie; Master Pizzaiolo, "Maestro" Leo and our host, Claudio. Benvenuti nella famiglia IFC!